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Banner Photo by Tess Abts
CARL ROGERS (1902-1987) was an influential psychologist and outstanding contributor to the fields of education, counseling, psychotherapy, peace, and conflict resolution. 
Proud2Be Project is a community-led organization set up by gay, identical twin brothers Mat and Jon Price, to support and encourage all lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, questioning and intersex (LGBTQI) people to be proud of who they are.
Michael Urbina is a Salvadorian-American feminist blogger and activist, writing on race, gender, masculinity, and men in feminism.
This performance Artist brilliantly demonstrates "The Art of Asking".
The Misrepresentation Project has a movie coming out on the masks men must wear.
An organization to fight sexism in the media.
Just some of my favorite videos, web links and books...
Well Being
Gender Issues
Hold Me Tight Love Sense 
 Dr. Sue Johnson, PhD
How to Be an Adult in Relationships: the Five Keys to Mindful Loving by David Richo
Laci Green, Sex Educator

Andrew Solomon:
Anatomy of Melancholy
(New York Times Article)