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Banner Photo by Tess Abts
I am trained in individual and couples mental-health counseling and all services rendered by me are done so from within my capacity as a Pastoral/-Spiritual Counselor. I use an eclectic mix of humanistic, transpersonal, cognitive-behavioral, psycho-dynamic, mindfulness and positive psychology. And I work from a feminist perspective which takes into account conscious and unconscious gender, economic and social conditioning in our attitudes and coping strategies.

I have much experience with issues of: loss & grief; spiritual crisis; issues of sexual identity & homophobia; recovery from addictions & co-dependence; sexual, emotional or physical trauma; dysfunctional family systems; AIDS; difficult life transitions; low self-esteem, anxiety and depression.

The spiritual perspective from which I practice counseling is that:
​All human beings have an innate desire for balance, health and authenticity. We are intentional; we seek meaning, value and creativity. Humans are an integral part of nature who have choices and responsibilities. We are social beings, finding meaning in relationships to others, to nature, to ideas and sometimes to spirit. Much of life’s fulfillment emerges from individual participation in the service of humane ideals. Human beings are layered and complex, we cannot be reduced to components.
"Let go of fear... regardless of the path we choose, either one may lead us to care, to abundance, to wholeness.

The spirit of love and creation is not so scarce that we will be forever lost if we make the wrong choice.
Whatever we choose, wherever we go, there will be some doorway, some opportunity, some person or situation that may bring us what we need." —Anon

​I believe that each of us has an innate desire for balance, health, connection and authenticity. Deep within is a spark of life that endeavors to grow and dance, contribute and enrich.

Our capacities for loving relationships, creativity, personal empowerment and spiritual connection can be negatively affected by experiences such as trauma, isolation, addictions, genetics and brain chemistry. 

Many factors influence our personality, identity, perceptions and behaviors. In addition to our personal history we are shaped by culture, gender, class, race, ethnicity, age, sexual identity and spiritual perspective. These all play a role in who we become and how we relate to others.

With a direct, non-judgmental and collaborative approach I facilitate each person's goals for individual and relationship well being.
Carl R. Rogers, PhD.