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  • Assist you in working through difficult life changes

  • Honor your experiences and perspectives

  • Validate your self-worth & help increase your self-esteem

  • Support your recovery process & challenge defeating beliefs

  • Help you determine healthy limits & boundaries

  • Encourage self-honesty & the releasing of negative patterns

  • Learn tools for: communicating directly, differentiating with love, empowering your choice-making

• Grief & Loss • Self-Care for Caregivers  • Organizational Team Building

• Couples Counseling/Skill Building          • Lesbian/Gay/Bi/Questioning

• Art Therapy/Expressive Therapy            • Creativity Enhancement

• Co-Dependency Recovery                     • Relationships & Recovery

• Lesbian/Gay/Bi Couples Counseling     • Sexual Addictions Recovery
• Sexual Assault Survivors                       • Adult Children of Alcoholics

  • Communicate with honesty and compassion

  • Deal with differences

  • Develop a secure connection with each other

  • Negotiate successfully

  • Fight fairly

  • Enhance intimacy

  • Determine healthy limits and boundaries with each other

"I wanted to let you know that we gained much from the workshop. You did a great job of presenting and explaining the concepts and tools we learned. Also, thanks for sharing a bit of yourself with us. I can tell that you care, and that means a lot. We have much practicing to do but now we feel 'hopeful' and look forward to more intimacy and growth."                                                                                                                                — Jim and Pat

"... you were a sheltering wing in a held us softly, carefully—together and separately—while we worked on our relationship. I know it is your job—but that doesn't mean that I can't treasure and be grateful for the gentle way that you worked with us."                         —Alice and Pamela

"I just wanted to say thanks—for many things —having the courage, strength and spirit to give all of us the opportunity to heal further by offering us yourself and this group...sharing your own vulnerability and grief yet never faltering to be a therapist when needed. I am in most gratitude for the repeated opportunity to witness something that is foreign to me—soulful, self-loving artistry and homage as response to devastating loss and pain. To let hope and healing walk into the room with me again—and they've been missing a long time."                                                                  — Bob

"Thank you for helping me clear the debris so that I could see the beautiful garden that grows inside me. What remains for me is the new person I have become. The circle is open but never broken"                                                                                                                            — Martha

"Frances is one of the rare individuals I know who understand the art of psychology and the psychology of art. Excellence is her mark in both fields and so is sensitivity, compassion and dedication."                                                                         — Nina Menrath, Sonoma State University Professor

"Frances has an unusual ability to develop a therapeutic relationship with her clients which promotes growth, releases creativity, and transmits healing."                                                                                                                                                                                      —Carl R. Rogers, PhD.

"Frances has especially helped me through the trauma of divorce. She has a deep sensitivity, is a careful listener, and responds directly to my concerns. I have found Frances' style to be a great combination of being supportive when needed, while supplying gentle 'nudging' or suggestions when I am ready to act. I always look forward to being surrounded by her calm presence."                                                                                     —Susan